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Natural Infection Fighters

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Chiropractor in Renton Recommends Natural Infection Fighters

Banish germs and excessiveantibiotics with alternative remedies By Angela Pirisi When your sick child needs antibiotics to teat a diagnosed case of strep throat, for instance – the medicines can bring quick, welcome relief.  Unfortunately, antibiotics today are overprescribed and also put into everything from livestock feed to toys, lunch boxes, and upholstery.  Overuse has […]

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Anxiety Antidote

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Seven simple ways to calm down – and lift mood and energy levels – during hectic times. We may not have the same stressors that our ancient ancestors did – substitute a volatile economy in place of a rampaging woolly mammoth – but our bodies don’t know that, says integrative medicine practitioner Charles A. Moss, […]

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BBQ the Safer Way

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Renton Chiropractic Clinic Healthy BBQ Tips

During the summer having BBQs are the easiest way for families and friends to get together.  However cooking meat over high heat can add dangerous chemicals to your food.  Click on the link below for tips to a safer BBQ. Renton Chiropractor Safer Way to BBQ

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